Just because you live in a small town doesn’t mean you have to put your dreams of stardom on the backburner. If anything, the lack of immediate opportunities should motivate you to grind even harder to let your light shine. Singer Daryll Blakely is a prime example of this. Growing up in the country town of Clayton, Alabama was not the best market for a blossoming career in entertainment. However, rather than letting that discourage him, Blakely continued to sing his heart out at church and weddings while earning three degrees from Troy University.
        Crooning since the age of five, Blakely is influenced by popular artists such as Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Kirk Franklin, and Yolanda Adams just to name a few.  After a car accident in 2008 that nearly took his life, Blakely turned from his music for a year in a half and just focused on his professional teaching career. “My doctors said that I would never walk again, but here I am,” said Blakely. “After all the disappointments I’ve had to endure on this journey, it has only made me stronger”, I am a survivor, said Blakely. “I’ve been to numerous auditions and was turned away, but my biggest disappointment was being turned away from Sunday's Best twice and American Idol once.” Blakely won one of Alabama’s biggest talent shows in 2009, “Wiregrass Got Talent.” “I will not stop until I earn my record deal,” said Blakely.  Blakely, a fifth grade teacher, got his big break when a friend passed his information to Raheim Williams of the legendary Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five. “Raheim saw my performance on YouTube and he immediately wanted me to sing for him over the phone. Consequently, he liked my capabilities and wanted to work with me,” said Blakely. Now that Blakely has his foot in the door, several other well-known producers are looking forward to making magic with him in the studio. Blakely is beyond ready to make a name for himself.

   “When people see me perform, they can expect to get my all; you’ll never catch me just standing or sitting there,” said Blakely. “I’ve waited patiently for my time and my season has come.”